Nick & Carrie

July 6, 2019Holland, MI

Our Story
Purple Line

Nick and Carrie met one rainy day on Chicago's finest mode of transportation, the Purple Line! Carrie saw him sitting across from her on the train and wondered who wore Suede shoes in the rain, but that the guy that did was really handsome! Before she realized he had gotten off the train, she kept thinking how she wished she could have said something but nonetheless, she didn't. Once she got home she decided that she should look on a dating app she had downloaded and see if she could find the mystery man from the Purple Line. Nick popped up, they both swiped right and scheduled a date for a week later! The rest is history!


We went on a two week trip to Europe this September! After a week in Amsterdam, weekend in Berlin for Nick to run the Berlin Marathon and get a PR, we went to Switzerland for some hiking, relaxation and Carrie's birthday!

The first morning in Switzerland, Nick had planned the entire day start to finish. We hopped on an hour and a half boat ride that took us around Lake Lucerne and dropped us off at a Train Station in Alpnachstad where we got on the steepest cogwheel railway in the world. Once we reached the top, we were on Mt. Pilatus with breathtaking views. We had lunch and hiked around the various hiking paths on Mt. Pilatus. We decided to purchase a tripod for the trip and set it up multiple times throughout our hike. Finally, Nick stopped and said, this is perfect here, lets get the tripod out and take some pictures with these views. We attached the tripod to a sign and took a few photos. Nick walked away and said he needed to "get something out of his backpack", so Carrie just turned away and took in the views. Moments later, Carrie saw Nick coming up on her left hand side and turned to face Nick just as he was kneeling down to propose. In complete shock, she of course said yes! Meanwhile, Nick is taking photos with the tripod to capture the entire moment! The rest of our time on Pilatus was spent Facetiming and calling Family and Friends!

The Wedding

Saturday, July 6, 2019
3:30 PM
Germeraad Residence
Boatwerks Waterfront Restaurant
216 Van Raalte Ave., Holland, MI

Holland is on eastern time, so please be mindful that the ceremony is at 3:30 pm ET

There is a lot of road work and construction from Charleston, Chicago and Springfield. Please allow more travel time than normal to get to Holland.

Other Events

Day After Brunch
Sunday, July 7, 2019
8:00 AM
CityVu Events
61 E 7th St MI 49423, Holland, MI
Attire: Casual
Please join us for a brunch to celebrate with Carrie and Nick the morning after the wedding before you head out of town!
Wedding Party

Katy Long - Matron of Honor
Carrie’s friend since kindergarten, swim teammate, former neighbor, advice giver, mom to Jacob & Cora!
Ashley Moja - Bridesmaid
Carries friend since we were 5 from Illini Country Club swim team- we still hold a record! BSB fan, June & Martha’s Mom!
Colleen Germeraad - Bridesmaid
Carrie’s sister-in-law, Mom to Declan, Merrin, Verity and Isla and friend for over a decade- not to mention great cook!
Lindsey Clancey - Bridesmaid
Missouri Tiger alum, my travel partner, mom to Andrew, and Carrie’s friend since kindergarten!
Merrin Germeraad - Bridesmaid
Carrie and Nick’s oldest niece! Loves to dress up, dance on the ceiling, loving, caring and hilarious!
Verity Germeraad - Flower Girl
Carrie and Nick’s second oldest niece! Sweetest most loving kid, cutest giggle, food loving, cuddle bug, loves her Gigi!
Isla Germeraad - Flower Girl
Our newest Niece! Isla is 5 months old and hope to have her walking by July! Another beautiful and sweet baby!
Matt Usher - Best Man
Andy Bolokowicz - Groomsman
Scott Germeraad - Groomsman
Declan Germeraad - Groomsman
Mike Usher - Usher
Tom Usher - Usher